Next steps

The next steps

House of devotion

The facilities needed for such a place (as we see it developing) include:

a "House of Devotion" - a room for worship and prayer, meditation and contemplation - for Jews, Muslims and Christians as well as anyone, who is looking for a quiet time with the world unseen in our busy everyday life. There are plans for this spiritual center, and we want to start building in the end of 2007, if the financial situation is clear by then;

the already partially existing guest house in the Sawa'ed village, that can be finished soon independently of the building permission for the ground of Sha'ar laAdam - Babl'ilInsan;

accommodation facilities on the ground of the center consisting of simple but functional showers and toilets, a kitchen suitable for making food also for larger numbers of people on special occasions but not too unhandy for smaller groups, at least one larger class-room for meetings, lessons and lectures as well as a place for meals which can be used also in rough weather, and last not least dormitories suitable for groups and individuals. These builings can be built one after another, which will enable us to increase our activities along with the progress in developing Shaar laAdam - Bab l'ilInsan; a theatre more independent of the weather conditions but still having some of the qualities of the existing open air stage.