Intercultural Youth Activities in Sha'ar laAdam - Bab l'il Insan


  • Regular meetings of lower school and upper school pupils from the Harduf Waldorf School, schools in Sfar'Amr and Ka'abiyye. Common ecological and agricultural activities according to the season.

  •  Empowerment of Pupils Project - extra lessons in English, Arabic and Hebrew to students in nearby Arab villages and Shfar'Amr.

  • Jewish-Arab Theatre Studies and acting exercises, conducted by staff from the Theatre School in Harduf in both Shfar'Amr and Sha'ar LaAdam - Bab l'il Insan, including a production from 1001 Nights shown in the communities around and in England in spring 2007.

Israeli- German Youth Camps

Every year Sha'ar laAdam - Bab l'il Insan arranges youth camps for young people from Germany who work together with Arab and Jewish youngsters from the area. They cultivate the forest, arrange paths and meeting places, build huts and do gardening. There are common outings, cultural activities and discussion groups. This way the young people get to know each other in an uncomplicated way. The interest for our German friends also stimulates a deeper meeting between the local cultures, who find it easier to get interested in each other and even see that they have much in common, when meeting with young people from Europe. In 2004 we went on a trip to Germany with a culturally mixed group which enhanced the knowledge of Israeli and Arab history in all its complexity by doing community work and visiting places of remembrance in Lower Saxony and Berlin.

Our Ecological-Environmental Activities

So far there have been practical and educational activities in this area, based on the will to cultivate a conscious relationship between Man, Nature and the environment.
What we do is based on the understanding that the earth, the water and the air we breathe are a precious resource, which requires care, awareness and regional responsibility.
The Sha'ar la'Adam Centre has been founded in the forest by pupils, seminar students and people from the community. All work has been carried out ecologically and using manual work. An ecological water system based on collecting rain water is under construction - the building of the system was carried out by pupils of the Harduf and Ka'abiyye schools under professional supervision.
The children also learned how to manage an ecological garden, which is to become an integral part of the center in the forest

Our Community Activities

We believe that the individual's sense of belonging to the community in which he lives, and awareness to the common destiny he shares with this community, is something that will advance the community and the whole of society. We act to encourage involvement and entrepreneurship of the various villages' members in educational activities and in the creation of common Jewish-Arab festivals.

  • Jewish-Arab festivals in Sha'ar la'Adam - Bab l'ilInsan:
    Every year, around the time of the Shavuot (tabernacles) festival, the Centre holds a multi-cultural festival on its grounds in the forest. The festival lasts a few days and includes shows, creative workshops with natural materials, conversation circles and more. In 2007, in the light of the difficult situation in the Galilee today, the Centre turned the Sha'ar la'Adam - Bab l'il Insan festival into an international happening (in cooperation with the local council of Emek Yizreel as well as other organizations in Israel and abroad)

  • A Jewish-Arab women's group. This group has been meeting for about three years. The meetings centre on the personal experience within the social-national context. In this group there developed along the years a supportive and intimate dynamic arising from the ongoing open conversation practiced in it. - "The Crafts Caravan" - a workshop for traditional and new crafts as well as toy-building - an occupational project for Arab and Jewish women, situated in a wooden caravan in the forest between Kibbutz Harduf and the Ka'abiyye village. Participating in this project are Bedouin and Jewish women, who create and build together toys from natural materials such as cloth, wood, wool and canes (basketwork).